This Is Why I Haven't Made The Outstanding PRO Compulsory Yet

Prizes like this $2 million New York Powerball win to a Hamburg dentist and his wife are what all Silver Lotto System players are aiming for. Photo: Buffalo News

As I finished the LottoPredict predictions a few minutes ago, I had a sudden thought. If this subscription service is so valuable, why don't I make it part of the Silver Lotto System instead of selling the three parts separately?

1. Silver Lotto System
2. LottoPredict
3. PRO Custom Profiles

After all, my ultimate aim is to get everyone winning fast and often. And LottoPredict does this.

Adding PRO Custom Profiles to the package would make it even better.

Over 85% of Silver Lotto owners buy LottoPredict and PROSo why don't I just sell it all as a whole package? It's the perfect solution, all wrapped up together.

But there's one good reason why I haven't lumped them all together yet.

It's this:

A lot of new players like to try-then-buy. They start with the Silver Lotto System, knowing nothing about me or my System.

So they're understandably a little nervous about putting out even that little cash at the start.

  • Never mind me selling the System since way back in 1991.
  • Or putting out thousands of newsletters with valuable winning advice over many years.
  • Or that not one of all the thousands of payments to us since then has ever been hacked or lost.
  • Or that not a single email address has ever been sold or given away to a mailing list buyer since then.

So then these 'baby' buyers start getting results. And it doesn't take long before they add the LottoPredict and PRO.

Sometimes I see that happening in less than a week. Over 85% of all Silver Lotto owners buy these additional services.

And I figure they're happy with having an option to purchase instead of being forced to buy a pack.

It's important that everyone's happy. That's what I'm here for - and to get you winning fast. And you do that by getting these essential products...

  • If you want to get PRO, go here.
  • Or if you haven't started with us yet, go here.
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