The Hidden Story Behind The Ferrari PR06 Licence Plate Revealed

ferrari (1).jpg

Rich was returning to his car when he saw someone familiar standing on the sidewalk looking at the bright red Ferrari. As he got closer he saw it was Mike, an old college friend he hadn't seen in years.

"Hey Rich, man it's been a while," Mike said as they met, and added, "I was looking at this beauty."

The Ferrari gleamed and sparkled like a diamond in the afternoon sun, catching the eye of everyone who passed.

Rich told him he owned it, and Mike looked at him, astonished. "You won the lottery?"

It was no secret, and Rich explained how he won $6 million a while back on Powerball.

"That explains the 06 on your license plate," said Mike.

"No, it's actually PRO with a 6," said Rich. "Come on, let's have a coffee and I'll tell you about it."

Over the coffee, he explained that after he won, he bought his childhood dream - the Ferrari, and got the PRO6 plate after the system that gave him the lottery success.

"If it wasn't for PRO I wouldn't have the car, that's why I bought it," Rich explained. "And some people think I'm a pro golfer." They laughed.

"What's so special about this PRO thing?" Mike was curious.

Rich told him about the Silver Lotto System. "It started after I bought the basic System, and I was winning but I wanted to get multiple wins every time. I was getting wins every few weeks but it wasn't fast enough for me. I wanted the big one."

Mike grinned. "You always were an impatient guy at college too."

Rich continued. "When I found out about the PRO option, life got a lot easier. First, I didn't have to work out the numbers, they were all done for me on four sheets. As soon as I got them I transferred the numbers to my tickets and I was done in an hour."

He explained that he went to his private access site at the beginning of each week, looked at a page called LottoPredict, and this told him what sheet of numbers he needed to use.

Since the tickets were all filled out and separated into four different envelopes, A, B, C and D, it was easy just to pick the one he needed and head down to the lotto store.

"So you don't have to work out the numbers each time?" asked Mike.

Rich explained that the Silver Lotto System used a special evergreen formula so there was no need to fill out the tickets over and over again.

"Wow," said Mike as the waitress took their cups away for a refill. "That must save a lot of work."


Rich explained that just a couple of months after playing each week, he won a Powerball jackpot, and the rest was history.

He said it was the fact that he could play each week that made the difference.

"It's all about keeping on going until you win and playing a lot," said Rich. "Not many people can do that, but I had a Ferrari on my wish list ever since I was a kid, so that helped me to stay motivated."


A Ferrari showroom.

"Does everyone win big this quick?" Mike asked.

"The Silver System works on getting a lot of smaller prizes mainly, $1 million, that sort of number. I guess I was lucky, though there was one guy who won $22 million with it last year."

"Can I afford it" asked Mike. "Are we talking big bucks to buy this system?"

When Rich told him that the prediction subscription was only $6.60 a month, Mike nearly fell off his chair with laughter. "How can you get anything that cheap these days. Why, these coffees cost more than that."

They returned to the Ferrari where a couple of teenagers were looking through the windows at the inside.

"Don't you mind all the attention?" asked Mike as they walked up to it and Rich pulled out his key.

"Not at all. I also gave a lot of my win away to a few local charities, so the town all know me from that gift as well," said Rich. "it's a great life now."

"All that talk about money messing you up," he said as he climbed behind the wheel and started the engine with a throaty roar, "it's not true!"

As Mike stood looking at the Ferrari as it drove away down the street, he knew what his first action would be - to find that lottery site and start his own winning life.