Would You Tip The Store Cashier When You Won A Big Lottery Prize?

Should a lottery winner tip the store cashier? This question was asked by a college girl cashier who obviously didn't get that tip. Here's her story as she outlined it in Yahoo Answers:

"You work in a small, rural town where you visit the same convenience store every day. Imagine one of them - a friendly college girl who has worked at the same store for 3 years - sells you a Powerball ticket. You go to have her check it for you the next day, and find that you win $40,000. After you collect the winnings, do you tip her? And if so, how much?"

Here's some more information on the win from the cashier:

"I'm the cashier that sold the winning ticket. The man, from what I've seen based on our daily interactions, is kindhearted and fully deserving of winning."

"I'm happy for him regardless of what he decides to do with the money. He alluded to the fact that I might get something once he receives the amount. ...I confirmed with a state lotto rep that the store I work as does not get a cut, as it was not the jackpot."

"My boss wouldn't give me a cut anyway, I'm sure. I remember on my 18th birthday, I bought a $1 scratch ticket, won $100, and tipped the cashier $5. Not that she necessarily helped me win, but it was just a nice gesture."

Bonus disappointment: Lotto store owner Young Soo Lee was told she would get $1 million bonus for selling one of the two $636 million Mega Millions jackpot tickets late 2013, but it turned out she didn't. STORY: Yahoo News