The Lessons That Tom Cruise Show Us About Winning The Lottery

Tom Cruise did his own stunts in the 2011 film, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

As I finished off another post for this website a few minutes ago, I thought about how much my System reminded me of a Tom Cruise movie.

Last night I had watched his 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol' for the third time, and thoroughly enjoyed it again.

The special effects were always amazing.

In my youth my friends and I would bet to see how many bad movie effects we could spot.

And it was easy, because 50 years ago they were so transparent and mechanical.

There were back projection techniques (think of Elvis Presley steering a fast speedboat, or the boat scene above), claymation, string puppets...

It all seems so primitive today.

But in present day's movies, and especially MI - the special effects are so realistic that it's very difficult to tell reality from computer generated.

Funnily enough, the most effective scenes where Tom Cruise hangs outside Dubai's tallest skyscraper was actually real.

His safety harness was optically removed in post-production, but he was there.

It was a typical example of why Tom continues to hit the box office highs.


That's really Tom Cruise performing his own stunts 5,000 ft in the air for Mission Impossible 5.

And the same reasoning applies to my System.

Much of the mechanism that drives this simple-on-the-surface program is hidden underneath.

You can't tell what drives it. The algorithms are so complex that it seems like magic.

Yet it continues to churn out hit after hit each week for our Silverites:

Ken, I still cannot figure out how you do it!! For the past month I was winning moderate sums (about $30,00 to 40,00) in accordance with the Lotto-80 (LottoPredict) results I looked at each time. Then this week I got $24,000 and this amount is not as large as some your winners but it was an unbelievable result for me and my family. Thanks and I'll continue to believe! Grant S.

LottoPredict, the prediction part of the System, is a stupidly low price for the value it gives... the certainty of knowing when to play. And LottoPredict is the only one of its type on the planet.

Before this turns into a full-blown advertisement for my fine service :) let me remind you of the rewards.

How would you like to see an action movie being filmed on set?


A sign warns people of simulated gunfire around downtown Peachtree Street during filming for the movie "Anchorman: The Legend Continues," in Atlanta. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Not just Universal Studios or Disneyland, but the real deal like this scene in Atlanta?

Without spare cash and spare time, you can't travel or stay there.

That's why we're all playing with my System, and why winning is able to fulfill our fantasies.

Tom Cruise is so successful because he does two things well...

1. He makes films frequently. As a lottery player, you should follow his example of persistence and play frequently too. Most people can recognise that playing once a year will get worse results than playing once a week.

Yet so many players don't play nearly enough even knowing this fact. Frequency is the secret to successful play.

2. He controls everything both as actor and director. With LottoPredict and PRO you have control over your lotto destiny. Use that knowledge to play big and win. In the same way actors who own their own film companies always make more money than others, the same principle applies to the lottery.

Control your game to win. Don't be at the mercy of random numbers again.