Got A Feeling You'll Win The Lottery This Week? Then Don't Do This...

Car mechanic and racing driver Neil Trotter, with partner Nicky Ottaway, celebrates his win. PHOTO: Telegraph

A car mechanic from Britain revealed he had predicted he would be a multi-millionaire "this time tomorrow."

And he did it just hours before he won a £107.9 million (US$180m) EuroMillions lottery jackpot.

It's quite common to hear winners talk about having a feeling they are going to win.

Joan Lundgren won $100,000 on a Money Mania game.

"I had a feeling I was going to win," said the happy Illinois Lottery ticket holder at her reception.


And in May 2014 an anonymous woman from Orange won $1 million in the Oz Lotto in Australia.

The winner said she "always had a feeling that she would win big one day."

So if you get a strong feeling that you should play this weekend, should you take heed?

The short answer is no.

Here's why.

Most of us get that feeling. Truly, we do.

This week I won with 8 tickets in a single game (photo). That $800 was a good example of the effectiveness of my System.

But if I thought it was going to be a giant win, I would have wasted unnecessary money on buying more tickets than LottoPredict told me to.

Some gut feelings are useful.

Many business people talk of a feeling that they should go ahead with a deal or decision.

But theirs is a completely different decision than playing the lottery.

They are using a background of experience and intuition to make this gut feeling work.

You can't do that with the lottery.

Every batch of numbers that fall out of the perspex washing machine bowl is completely different each time.

They have no memory, so therefore any kind of intuition is useless against them.

The secret is to use the System to eradicate the 'useless' number combinations, and that's done entirely with a formula that doesn't rely on luck or feelings.

Only the Silver Lotto System does this. No other system works in the same way.


Ken Silver, Still shaking from my win, bought your Silver Lotto system last year and have played lotto regularly since, definite small wins and a few no wins, until last night. Checked my ticket online and I have won 1st division $22,236,652.87. Your system works.

Regards, Jason.

So if you get a feeling that you should play big, no matter how strong it is - ignore it.

Then go to your LottoPredict chart and get the right numbers.

You'll save a bunch of money that you can use for the week when LottoPredict says "YES."


Winner Neil Trotter bought the EuroMillions ticket at a local Londis store.

And if you don't want to wait for that to happen, you can play every game with PRO Custom Profiles.

You won't have to wait for a YES since you can play with a different Custom Profile from the 4 sheets each time.

Get PRO here.

Or if you already have the Silver Lotto System, go to your Silver Lotto private access website, log in, and look at the PRO menu.

I have a good feeling you're going to win this week - but use the right tools!