Is There Really A Lucky Lottery Store? This One Sells A Winning Jackpot Ticket Every Year Without Fail


Owner John Ledda of Grove Gifts & Cards at his store till. Photo: Phil McCarroll

Is there such a thing as a 'lucky' lotto store anywhere in the world? Some analysts will tell you there is, but I'm going to reveal the true story behind this theory.

The Warilla Grove lottery store in Australia's New South Wales claims this distinction after selling a major prize-winning ticket every year for over a decade.

Owner John Ledda said, "We've had a few other big prizes. Two and half years ago we sold a ticket for $16.1 million. Not last New Year's but the one before we had one for just under a million and we had another for $831,000 as well."

In 2015 a regular customer pocketed $10 million (US$8.09million).

"I was happy to see that they'd won it," said John, "they're regulars and they were blown away when they came in." 

"They were over the moon, they couldn't believe it... just shaking."


There is another benefit in owning a popular lottery store. This USA gift shop owner Thuy Nguyen (right) gets a $1 million check from California Lottery representative Mona Sanders for selling a winning $636 million Mega Millions ticket.

Ledda said this latest win means the store had sold a winning ticket for a major lottery prize every year for the past 11 years. So does this make the store a lucky one?

According to a newspaper article, another county's luckiest lotto shop has the highest number of lotto winners in the country... 32 first division winners and 158 second division winners.

But before you start emailing us asking how to buy some tickets from this place, let's read right to the end of the article where it says...

"The pharmacy (drug store) rates fifth highest in the country for volume of (lotto) sales..."

The real answer is that the drug store sells more tickets than most other stores in the country.

Their success is big queues of eager players. It is simply that a bigger volume increases the chances of winning.

In fact, there is no such thing as a lucky shop.

If you play in a so-called 'lucky' store in your town, you won't be any luckier than if you played at another shop with the least number of ticket sales.

It doesn't matter WHERE you buy your tickets.

The numbers have no geographical preference. They don't all swoop down on some small town and decide to nest there.

Understand how the figures work and don't be fooled. Use a System that works, not the venue.