67-Year-Old Lottery Millionaire Is King Of The Road With A 12-Car Collection

Peter Congdon sits on his BMW i8 electric car surrounded by his family. PHOTO: Western Morning News

The car-crazy grandfather could only ever dream about the cars that line his driveway. But now they're a reality for Peter Congdon.

The City Councillor from Truro in Cornwall won a £13.5 million (US$20M) jackpot in May and has now spent a total of £350,000 (US$537,000) on the lineup.

Peter Congdon shows the winning UK National Lottery check for £13.5 million in May. PHOTO: SWNS

They include a Land Rover Evoque, Land Rover Discovery - one of only 100 in production - and the BMW i8.

He bought granddaughter Katie a Volkswagen Beetle Convertible and Megan a Peugeot 308. His daughter got a Ford Transit People Carrier.

Peter told the Western Morning News: "I've always loved cars. My very first was a Ford Prefect and I can still remember the registration number. I have only ever really dreamt about upmarket cars, but have always invested in half decent cars, changing every couple of years for something new."

"Since my win, I can pick out exactly what I want, and I've found myself always looking at new cars.

Mr Congdon's home, where he currently lives in Truro, Cornwall. PHOTO: SWNS.com

Peter, 67, from Truro, can't kick the winning habit. He won £25 last weekend and £76 three weeks ago. He also won £2,000 in January before his big win and £25 about "two or three times" over the summer.

"It's great how the Lottery has changed so many people's lives," he said. "I have bought my ticket for this weekend's draw."

Peter is not blowing all the money on cars. He is funding a hydrotherapy pool for Multiple Sclerosis sufferers at the Merlin MS Centre in Hewas Water near St Austell in memory of his wife Rosemary.

Mrs Congdon was a long-term sufferer of MS, and Peter was her full-time carer for nearly 30 years.

He has three children and 10 grandchildren, and three weeks ago continued a 40-year-old family tradition by going on holiday to Butlins in Minehead.

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