Say, With A Name Like Rich, How Did You Get Into The Lottery Business?

Terry Rich is the CEO of the Iowa Lottery and has also written a book.

It's true that some names match their jobs. For instance, the president of the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries is Terry Rich.

He has a long history of success. As an entrepreneur, Terry developed Rich Heritage Inc., along with four other companies, including radio station KBBM, US Digital Video, Newsletter Ease, and the World Championship Socker League LLC.

And now he has written a book about his life and accomplishments.

Terry says: "When I was growing up, people were always saying I was creative. For years I thought it was a polite way of telling me I was a little bit crazy."

"And I probably am a little bit crazy. I live to constantly come up with ideas that people don't quite know what to do with... ideas that seem not tried or break all the rules."

This CEO of the Iowa Lottery and marketing chair on the board of Powerball wants you to share his methods and creativity.

His book, Dare to Dream, Dare to Act, is an unconventional biography. But with a name like Rich, it might be worth reading!

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