Florida Lotto Players Bought $1 Billion Scratch-Off Tickets In Just 100 Days

Florida Lottery Interim Secretary Tom Delacenserie at Tallahassee Community College. PHOTO: Capital Soup

It's an extraordinary figure which shows the popularity of scratch tickets in the Sunshine State, pop. 20 million...

The Florida Lottery announced that Scratch-Off ticket sales have exceeded $1 billion this fiscal year. The period was for July 1 through to October 8, 2015.

Officials said this achievement was reached 11 days sooner than the previous record-setting fiscal year.

"Success like this proves our model is working," said Florida Lottery Interim Secretary Tom Delacenserie.

"By offering bigger games, players get to experience more winning moments. Lottery retailers earn higher commissions and most importantly, more revenue is transferred to education."

ABOUT: Since June 2011, the Florida Lottery has increased Scratch-Off sales by 68.7 percent, representing a gain of more than $1.5 billion, or an average increase of more than $300 million per year.

During that period, Scratch-Off sales went from 54 percent of the Lottery's total sales to accounting for over 66 percent of total sales.


SOURCE: Florida Lottery

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