16-Year-Old Tech Wizard Plans To Revolutionize Buying Lottery Numbers

Tejas Manohar at work developing the lottery app. PHOTO: WTVF

He’s the head engineer for startup Auto Lotto, a San Francisco-based app nearing launch. With a couple clicks it will help you buy lottery tickets right on your phone.

“You can set lucky numbers on the app and those numbers will be bought automatically if you don't change them,” Tejas explained, showing the app.

Tejas demonstrates the app. PHOTO: WTVF

The Brentwood teen recently opted for homeschooling to make time for his busy life as a coder.

Those classes let him work full time with Auto Lotto, which he does remotely using online platforms to collaborate with his colleagues out west.

The Auto Lotto website: AutoLotto.com

“Once we get on the app store we're gonna start moving from state to state which is really going to increase the work load,” Tejas said.

WATCH: It’s not every day you find a 16-year-old with a sightline this clear of the future.


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