Largest Lottery Jackpot In Canada's History Is $64 Million And Waiting For A Winner

The meeting goes berserk! This is what winning $60 million looks like, filmed by one of the winners. VIDEO: CCTVNEWS24/7

This video shows the hilarious reaction of 12 workers when they were told they'd won $5 million each in the Canadian Lotto Max on October 4.

And two weeks later the Canadian 649 broke that record when it reached $64 million ready for the October 17 draw tomorrow.

Lotto 6-49’s draw Saturday night is worth an estimated $64 million in addition to the guaranteed $1 million prize draw.

The previous record 649 jackpot was $63,413,885 for the April 13, 2013 draw. There were four lucky winners, three from B.C. and one from Alberta, who walked away with nearly $16 million apiece.

The previous Canada Lotto 649 record results on April 13, 2013.

Saturday's jackpot pot is only the second time the prize has exceeded the $60-million mark. Lotto 649 has seen the pot exceed $30 million on 35 occasions.

Canada’s fourth largest jackpot and the largest single-winning ticket was worth $54.3-million. The Lotto Max prize was shared by 18 oil industry workers in Camrose, Altanta.

The fourth largest jackpot in Canada's history was $54.3-million claimed by 18 oil workers.

SOURCE: Windsor Star

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