ODDITY: Restaurant Owner Forced To Share $1.5 Million Lottery Win With His Psychic Staff Member

Owner Hayati in front of his Kapadokya Turkish restaurant in York, UK.

Psychics DO win the lottery it seems! A UK restaurant owner who scooped a million pound jackpot on the lottery was forced to share half the cash with one of his 'psychic' waiters.

This came after judge ruled that the waiter had dreamt about the win the night before.

Hayati Kucukkoylu, who runs the Kapadokya Turkish restaurant in York, could not believe his luck when his numbers came up on the EuroMillions draw in January 2012.

But his celebrations were short lived when Fatih Ozcan, who waited tables at the restaurant, demanded half the money. He said that had it not been for him, his boss would never have entered the lottery draw.

Winning waiter Fatih Ozcan.

Mr Ozcan argued it had been his idea to buy a ticket having predicted the jackpot win the night before in a dream.

And now a judge has agreed with his claim and has ruled that the warring pair split the money equally down the middle.

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