Big Changes For UK National Lottery This Weekend And It's Upsetting Players

110 National Lottery winners from across the UK gathered in London on Oct 7, 2015 to set the Guinness World Record for Largest Gathering of Lottery Millionaires. PHOTO: Matt Crossick/PA Wire

Sweeping changes are taking effect this weekend for the UK National Lottery.

The controversial changes on Oct 10, 2015 will see the number of balls increase from 49 to 59 and the chance of winning the jackpot decrease from one in 14 million to one in 45 million.

The new-look draw has been met with scepticism from the public, but Camelot has said the enhancements will actually provide a better chance of winning and believes players will stay with the game.

Some of those who received an email from Camelot about the changes have relayed their cynicism, with John Walker (@botherer) saying: "National Lottery's new exciting features include 'Extra numbers to choose from.' That's a lovely way of saying, 'Less chance of winning.'"

Ann Connor (@AnnConnor4) went a step further, writing: "I think everybody should boycott the National Lottery if they go ahead as planned increasing the numbers from 49 to 59."

Under the changes:

  • A new Millionaire Raffle will guarantee at least one millionaire per draw.
  • The average winning jackpot is expected to be triple the current level.
  • The chances of winning at least £1 million will be better than the chances of winning the jackpot on the current game.

Odds are one in just under 10 million compared with one in just under 14 million on today's game.

Players who match two numbers will win a Lucky Dip ticket for a future draw.

Camelot said it would create an extra 1.8 million winners a week and increase the overall chance of winning any prize from one in 54 currently to one in 9.3.

The cost of playing will remain at £2 a line, and other prizes such as £25 for matching three numbers will also stay the same.

The new rules and odds are explained in this video.

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