Former New York Lottery Boss Wants To Turn Trash Into Cash With A Second Chance

Jeff Perlee, CEO (r) and Craig Stevens of the start up Lottery Rewards in Schenectady. PHOTO: Daily Gazette

A start up company is giving lottery players a second chance to win cash and prizes.

And founder Jeff Perlee is certainly qualified - he was the former New York Lottery CEO.

The new Lottery Rewards building seen here is only a short walk away from the New York Gaming Commission headquarters.

The new company, with a total of nine employees, recently moved into the New York BizLab at 251 State St, reports the Daily Gazette.

Lottery Rewards gives people a second chance at cash and prizes from losing lottery tickets.

Their website says each time you scan or enter a lottery ticket, you will be automatically entered into a free daily second chance drawing.

You will also receive Rewards Points that you can use to enter into more drawings for more chances to play and win in the PlayCenter. 

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