Students Told They Had Won The Georgia Lottery - Then The Unimaginable Happened

Fifth year senior Elizabeth Jeremiah was one of the students affected. PHOTO: CBS46

It's easy enough to mess up technology these days, but when a lottery win is on the line it's a different matter.

Students at the Kennesaw State yesterday were advised by the Georgia Lottery they had won $1,000.

The mass text send-out asked them to text “owls8” to a number for a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship, reported CBS46.

After sending the text, they got an automatic response telling them their entry had been received.

Players in Saturday’s game against Charleston Southern. PHOTO: CBS46

Then many students got this text:

“Congrats! You won $1,000 (for real)! Visit the Georgia Lottery Dollars for Degrees tent now and show this msg. to claim your prize.”

Fifth year senior Elizabeth Jeremiah was one of those students.

“I was like I never win anything. This is so awesome because $1,000 in college, that is a lot of money. I was just so excited,” Jeremiah shared.

Kim Passoth was reporting the story for CBS46.

The lottery later posted this on their website:

“The Georgia Lottery Corporation sincerely apologizes for the technical error at the Kennesaw State vs. Charleston Southern football game… To apologize for the inconvenience, students who received an incorrect winner notification are eligible to receive a $25 Visa gift card.”

It was revealed that two students actually did win the $1,000 scholarship, so all's well that ends well.

Watch the full story. VIDEO: CBS46


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