Why Will This Modest Drive-Thru Store Collect $100,000 From The Lottery?

This is the store where the latest $200 million Mega Millions ticket was sold.

If you thought winning $100,000 was a good win on the lottery, wait till you hear how much better it gets.

This Blendon Drive Thru in Westerville,  about 16 miles out of Columbus, will get the amount as the seller of the winning tickets from the Friday13 November Mega Millions draw.

The Blendon Drive Thru in Westerville, Ohio. Someone is $120M richer.

Mega Millions spokeswoman Sandra Neal says the Westerville ticket is worth $120 million. She says they didn't yet know the identity of the lucky person.

But the drive-thru also was a winner, receiving a $100,000 agent sales bonus.

The winning numbers were 17-18-31-35-59. The mega ball number was 9.

It was the third time this year the Mega Millions jackpot reached $200 million. Previously, a Mega Millions jackpot of $106 million was shared among five friends Sept. 11 in New York.

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