Memory Fade Gets Man An Extraordinary DOUBLE $2 Million Lottery Win

Bernard Bennick played the 'Bank A Million' game, but look what happened when he had a memory lapse. PHOTO Virginia Lottery.

The odds of winning a jackpot are rare, but the chance of winning the main prize twice are even more remote.

That's what happened to the Virginia lottery player, but the story had an unusual twist.

The Springfield man played and claimed two tickets in Virginia Beach that matched all six numbers in the Nov. 18 'Bank a Million,' game. And he received $2 million after the tax withholding.

Bernard bought tickets from two Food Lion stores in Virginia Beach. They each received $10,000 commission.

The Virginia Lottery says Bernard Bennick of Springfield couldn't remember if he bought a lottery ticket, so to be certain he went out and bought one.

It turned out he had already purchased a ticket with the same set of numbers, and all six numbers on both tickets matched!

"I went to bed, but I couldn't sleep," he said. "Then I discovered I had the second winning ticket, and I really couldn't sleep!"

Bennick had purchased one ticket at the Food Lion located at 5277 Princess Anne Road and the other at the Food Lion on 4848 Virginia Beach Blvd.

Bernard bought one of his winning tickets at Food Lion on 4848 Virginia Beach Blvd.

The top prize in 'Bank a Million' is calculated so that winners actually receive $1 million after federal and state tax-withholdings.

The winning numbers in the Nov. 18 drawing were 3-7-11-20-23-33. The Bonus Ball number was 17, although these two tickets didn't need it to win the top prize.

ABOUT: 'Bank a Million' is one of the Virginia Lottery's newest games. The first drawing was Sep. 2. Drawings are Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11 p.m. 'Bank a Million' is played exclusively in Virginia.


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