It's Crowded After This $1 Million Lotto Max Win Gets Split Between 48 Workers

Forty-eight employees at the Baie Verte Peninsula Health Centre are the winners of the $1 million Lotto Max from September. And the local sports team helped.

Winner and trustee Kevin Vey said: "I'm a sports fanatic and I'm a bit superstitious so I have to have something positive happen before I can check things.".

"When the Blue Jays won, we decided to check a few tickets and it was only the fourth or fifth ticket that we checked through when we realized we won."

Any time there's a lottery jackpot above $15 million, the workers start collecting $7 from whoever wants to chip in on a few tickets.

"A lot of people got stuff booked, trips booked and planning family vacations," said winner Chris Howell. One man plans on starting an education fund for his three-year-old boy, Howell said.

Atlantic Lottery presented the cheque at the health centre's board room Wednesday afternoon.


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