Not Me Says Mistaken $1Million Lottery Winner As Identity Mix-Up Continues

The wrong Isabel Flores protests her mistaken $1 Million scratch-off Texas Lottery win.

The Beeville woman continues to receive dozens of calls after everyone in town thinks she hit the jackpot.

The reason for the mix-up is because she has the same name as the original winner.

"They ask me if I don't want nobody to know that I got the lottery and I say no, It's not that, It's just that I really did not get it. People don't believe me, they think that I am trying to hide it," said Isabel Flores.

Isobel with a laminated copy of the original story by a Corpus Christi television station.

To further complicate matters, a lottery company in Maryland mailed her a laminated copy of the original story by a Corpus Christi television station.

It came along with an offer to “join the scratch ticket tour,” promising to send her official free state lottery tickets from a different state each month.

“Winners Choice Funding,” the letter read, “works solely with lottery winners to provide sensible financial solutions to ensure that you accomplish all of your lottery goals while maximizing your spendable cash.”

She threw it the trash... she has no idea how the company got her mailing address.

Isobel with her 1999 Buick that she has had since 2007.

“You want proof that I’m not the winner?” Isabel asks, pointing to her used 1999 Buick she bought in 2007.

“If I had won the lottery, that would be a Lexus.” 


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