Great-Grandma, 74, Wins A Harley-Davidson Motorcycle With Her Georgia Scratch-Off

Mary Woody, shown here with partner Ray,had never ridden a Harley. She won this one with her scratch-off tickets. PHOTO: Gainesville Times

A Georgia great-grandmother has never ridden a motorcycle, but she was still delighted with her prize.

Mary Woody won a series of instant tickets playing a coin-operated amusement machine at B&B Grocery in Murrayville.

And it was a Harley-Davidson-themed ticket won her the motorcycle.

Mary Woody tries out the Harley at her home in Murrayville. PHOTO:Gainesville Times

“I was sitting here at the house when I scratched it off, and I said, Raymond (Simmons, her significant other), I think we’ve won a motorcycle."

"I didn’t believe it to start with,” Woody said. 

She’s never driven a motorcycle and, she said she doesn’t know what to do with it other than sell it. 

“When you’re this age, you don’t need a motorcycle, but we’ve had a lot of fun with this whole thing,” she said, laughing. 

The scratch-off was bought at B&B Grocery, 5521 Thompson Bridge Road in Murrayville.

The 74-year-old great-grandmother of four was awarded the keys to her new ride on Wednesday at Killer Creek Harley-Davidson in Roswell.

The motorcycle was delivered to her home in Murrayville on Saturday afternoon. 

The Killer Creek Harley-Davidson dealership in Roswell, GA.

Having worked 30 years at a local poultry plant, Woody said she’s looking forward to spending the future with family and friends.

She has three adult children; five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. 

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