Even Though Illinois Lottery Won't Pay Out, Players Are Still Buying Tickets

The Illinois Lottery is still selling tickets and it's causing anger amongst winners as this WLS-TV tv report below shows.

Despite the cash-strapped state not allowing the Illinois Lottery to pay winners over $25,000 - remarkably, ticket sales have increased.

Lottery ticket sales have increased over the last year, according to sales records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, reports WLS-TV.

September was the first full month after the lottery announced it couldn't pay big prizes, but people spent more than $235 million on tickets.

While that's down slightly from the previous month, it's $15 million more in sales than the same month last year.

Now one state representative has filed a bill to temporarily shut down the lottery.

"If you can't pay people, you shouldn't be selling tickets," said State rep. La Shawn Ford, D-Chicago.

State representative La Shawn Ford (center), D-Chicago.

While winners wait to be paid, the lottery is cashing in.

A Lottery spokesperson told ABC7 Eyewitness News that jackpot money now sitting in lottery accounts is earning interest, but that extra money won't be shared with winners.

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