You'd Make A Way Better Rich Person Says NY Lottery In These 4 Ads

The $714,000 pet whisperer and her iguana feature in one of the ads for the NY Lottery.

The New York Lottery is poking fun at the super-rich in these four new broadcast ads released today.

The 30-second commercials from agency McCann New York are designed to promote the game by telling winners that they would use their newly won lottery wealth in a much better way than the real rich.

Ad makers Sean Bryan (bottom left) and Tom Murphy (bottom right) of advertising company McCann New York have been told they resemble comedians Ricky Gervais (top left) and Stephen Marchant (top right). PHOTO: Ad Age

“Sometimes when you see what the very rich are doing, there’s a lot of fun in imagining how you might do a better job at it,” McCann New York chief creative officer Tom Murphy explained to The New York Times.

“You look at the guy who has the massive house on this beach and you say, ‘If I was rich, I’d have a smaller house on that beach. But I’d also have one in the south of France. Plus, a pied-à-terre in Manhattan.'”

The promotional series for the NY Lottery also include this online quiz.

The 30-second spots show a man who spends $28,000 a week on 'pinot therapy,' who yells at his butler for getting a speck of cork in his wine bath.

There’s also a 'Bat Collector,' 'Pet Whisperer,' and a man who ruins priceless art with gold staples, thinking, “It’s probably worth more now.”

Watch below.

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