Unbelievable... Multi-Millionaire Lottery Winner Still Lives In Council House

Peter Congdon celebrates his £13.5 million UK National Lottery win in May.

Six months after Peter Congdon, 67, won £13.5 million (US$20.3 million), he is still living modestly.

The retired great-grandfather from Truro, Cornwall, scooped the prize in May 2015.

He said at the time that he planned to celebrate with a trip to Butlin's, where his family has been going for the past 40 years. 

And it seems the 67-year-old is still living modestly despite his vast fortune. He calls bingo numbers at a community centre and has continued his work as a local councillor.

The great-grandfather is still living in his modest council house despite being able to buy any home he likes.

A source close to Mr Congdon told the Sun: 'He doesn't want to move as he loves where he lives and knows the neighbours. He wants to spend the money on other people.'

The former funeral director is believed to have splashed out on a £900,000 farmhouse for one of his three children, and has bought cars for a number of relatives.

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