Fashion Shop Closes Down For The Day Because Staff Are Off To Collect $1 Million Lottery Win!

Staff at the Clan Shoppe have a million reasons for not going to work on Monday. PHOTO: Clan Shoppe website

An Ontario fashion store will be closed Monday. And it's because the owner and 3 staff are off to collect a $1 million lottery check.

The owner of the long-standing ladies fashion store, Louise Boers and her staffers, Susan Boers, Debra Holland, and Patricia White-St. Georges will be taking a trip to Toronto tomorrow.

From left: Clan Shoppe staff Patricia, Louise, Debbie and Susan.

The four will be at the offices of the Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation on 9 November, picking up a $1 million dollar Lotto 649 prize.

The winning ticket was bought at Pharma Plus in downtown Brighton, Ontario.

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