$6.4 Million Winner From Iraq Is First In The World To Win Outside USA For The Oregon Megabucks Lottery

An anonymous winner in the Oregon Lottery bought the winning ticket from online service The Lotter. PHOTO: The Lotter.

It is believed to be the first prize to be won from outside the USA to win the Oregon Megabucks lottery.

The Oregon Lottery said an out-of-state man who claimed a $6.4 million jackpot is from far, far out of state... Baghdad, Iraq to be precise.

The anonymous winner talks about his win to The Lotter. PHOTO: The Lotter

Lottery officials said mystery surrounded the man who won the Aug. 24 drawing until he finally claimed his prize Dec. 1.

He was revealed as a Kurdish man from Baghdad, Iraq, who purchased his winning ticket online through The Lotter, a third-party service. READ STORY

Chuck Baumann (left), the Oregon Lottery spokesman.

The man cashed in Dec. 1 at lottery headquarters in Salem, said Chuck Baumann, the Oregon Lottery spokesman.

He elected to take his millions in 25 annual installments of $256,000 minus taxes.

Though the Lottery generally prohibits winners from remaining anonymous, officials have honored the man's request to keep his identity secret. Baumann said it's because the winner is concerned about his safety back home.

"He made it very clear that the amount of money he had won here would certainly put him and his family in harm's way," Baumann said.

The winner signs documentation at The Lotter offices.

Though the man bought his ticket via the Internet, he had the actual ticket when he arrived in Oregon's capital city.

Baumann said the Lottery has no restrictions on foreigners winning prizes or buying tickets through an online agent.

“This is absolutely unprecedented for the Oregon Lottery,” Baumann said.

"There are federal laws that apply to Internet gambling that don't apply to the Oregon Lottery," he said. "We have no rules about that because we don't sell online."

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