Winner Used Maryland Lottery App To Count The Zeros In Her Powerball Win

The woman who won $1 Million in the Maryland Lottery Powerball only saw "a bunch of zeros" when she checked her win amount.

Carrie Groves, 36, seen above with husband Glen, purchased a $2 Powerball ticket at the grocery store on Marshalee Drive on Monday, said lottery officials.

She didn’t watch the drawing on Wednesday, and did not see any reports afterward that lottery officials were looking for the winner.

On Friday, Groves checked her numbers at a local 7-Eleven and when she scanned her ticket, she got the message “Cash at lottery,” officials said.

The Maryland Lottery app Carriew used to find out how much she had won.

She got into her vehicle and used the Maryland Lottery app to see how much she won.

“It was a bunch of zeroes,” Groves recalled. “I said, ‘Wait, let me count all these zeroes.’”

Next, she called her husband, who was at work.

The grocery store on Marshalee Drive where Carrie bought her ticket.

“She said, ‘Baby, I’m shaking,’ and I started thinking the worst,” Glen Groves told lottery officials. “But it turns out it was the best.”

The couple reportedly plans to buy a new house with their winnings and to donate some of the money to the Maryland Food Bank and Toys for Tots.

“We want to help some organizations that have helped us—repay the favor,” Glen Groves said.

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