Can You Give Children A Lottery Ticket Gift? The New Jersey Lottery Explains

New Jersey Lottery Director Carole Hedinger talks about lottery gift giving these holidays.

The legal age for most lotteries is 18 and above.

So the New Jersey Lottery wants to ensure that kids aren’t playing, but they say that gets a little difficult during the holiday season.

While it’s illegal for a child to gamble, it’s not for an adult to give a ticket to a child.

“If a grandparent or a parent stuck a lottery ticket inside a stocking for a child, they should teach them at the same time what the risks of gambling are,"  New Jersey Lottery Director Carole Hedinger told KYW Newsradio.

"Or what the chances of winning are.” 

The lottery is teaming up with the Council on Compulsive Gambling to get that message out.

While there are no statistics on kids playing the lottery, if a child were to get a winning ticket, an adult would have to cash it in.

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