Man Dressed As Elf Gives Out Free Lottery Tickets And Cash. Why?

Actor Will Ferrell played an elf in the popular film of the same name.

If you're approached on the street by a man dressed as an elf, accept his gift.

Because this mystery man in an elf outfit has been giving out lottery tickets and cash in Poole, UK this week.

He has been handing out envelopes containing letters of goodwill and either a lottery ticket, £5, £10 or £20 note, reported the Bournemouth Daily Echo.

In the letter the elf says even his wife isn't aware of his kind-hearted actions.

The note reads: "Recently, I have been unable to sleep at night wondering why there is so much hate and destruction around us, and I've been thinking what I could do to try to convince people that there's still love, honesty and kindness in the world.

"I am not a religious person and, believe me, my faults are many, but I really hope that I can show that we can all be more thoughtful and more understanding people."

Explaining that "there is no catch", the letter writer adds: "I just ask that if you find yourself with a smile on your face, spread it around.

"Kindness is magic. Kindness is infectious."

The man wrote in the letter that he has concealed his identity behind a fake beard, fake eyebrows and glasses to ensure he can't be recognised by friends or family.

"Life is too short and too hard to create more negativity... Forgive people, forget differences and make up with those people with whom you are no longer on speaking terms," the letter ends.

One of the recipients of an envelope said she had been moved by the "lovely letter".

"It's some good news for a change!" she said.

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