The Real Truth About Hot And Cold Lottery Numbers... Should You Use Them?

Did this winning couple get their Hot Lotto $7.6 million jackpot with 'Hot' numbers?

Some players have discovered that there are popular lottery numbers which appear in almost every draw. And also that there are some numbers that never appear.

So they work out when these 'best' numbers are likely to appear, avoid the others and take their bet.

UK National Lottery numbersThey call these numbers Hot and Cold. 

  • HOT: These are numbers that have appeared recently, so they are expected not to appear for a while.
  • COLD: Numbers that haven't been used for a long time, so they are going to show up like a lost dog very soon.

Or maybe the reverse.

Either way it doesn't matter because there's no such thing as Hot and Cold numbers that will influence your next game.

It was all made up years ago by the lotteries to try and sell more tickets, and theorists who thought there is a pattern to random numbers.

The real secret to remember about numbers is this: lotto number combinations have no memory.

Each game's numbers start from zero, from scratch.

So lotto number combinations can't follow a Hot and Cold pattern because every winning number combinations start afresh from the beginning each draw.

FACT: You cannot tell when any particular set of numbers will appear.

Just like tossing a coin... after 1000 tosses it may land heads 500 times and tails the rest of the time. That's proven, sure - but here's the problem, you don't know WHEN.

In the same way, in every lotto draw the number combinations start from scratch. And they have no relationship to last week, last month or last year's patterns.

Not many people understand this.

Mathematicians do... that's why they generally dismiss lotto systems.

Emory mathematician Skip Garibaldi helped a Palm Beach Post investigation of suspicious wins in the Florida Lottery. But maths professors still can't help players win.

And that's why my Silver Lotto System is different from the rest. Because my System DOES NOT RELY on abnormally patterned events like Hot and Cold numbers.

My system is designed to extract unlikely number combinations at the time of each play and leave the likely ones remaining. That's why it works so well.

There's a lot of theories out there which look good but don't work. Hot & Cold numbers is one of them.