Is Daydreaming About Winning The Lottery Good For You... Or Are Your Fantasies Just Freaky?

Dream Lottery winner Russ Wilton (center) and his family at the London Health Sciences Centre $1 million check presentation. Photo: LHSC

Who hasn't wondered what they would do with their jackpot. Even people you assumed didn't need more money - like players who have previously won - are still playing the lottery because they have unfufilled fantasies about winning again.

But really, is dreaming about winning healthy? And what happens when you do?

"People assumed that when your mind wandered it was empty," Kalina Christoff, a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of British Columbia, told the Wall Street Journal.


Kalina Christoff is a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of British Columbia.

She said, "Mind wandering is a much more active state than we ever imagined, much more active than during reasoning with a complex problem."

And the result is enhanced creativity. So you will be able to make lists of future purchases and travel destinations much easier if you spend a little time looking at the clouds.

If they won the lottery tomorrow, players say they would:

  • Quit my job
  • Pay off the credit cards
  • Set aside enough to pay for college tuition
  • Travel a lot
  • Invest/secure my retirement
  • Help out my family
  • Make large donations to my favorite charities
  • Pay off the mortgage
  • Buy a new house/car/vacation home
  • Start my own business.

So indulging in a little fantasy about what you would do with your lottery winnings is a good thing. It encourages a self-examination that can have a positive effect and makes each day a little better. 

 Yes, daydreaming is definitely healthy!