How to build the perfect DIY air lottery ball draw machine you've always wanted

For some easily bought material and a few dollars you could make your own lottery barrel where the balls are blown into the air like their bigger brothers on tv.

Harley Pebley, presenter and DIY guy at House of Hacks talks about how the project started and how he built it:

"One Thursday a while ago, my buddy Rich gave me a call. He asked if I could build him a lottery machine. I told him, "yeah, I thought we probably could do something."

Then he asked if he could have it by Monday. It turns out he was responsible for organizing an event that had a limited number of slots. Of course they had more people interested in attending than they had slots available and he needed to some sort of drawing.

He thought a corny, 70s style video would kind of spice it up. Make it a bit more interesting than just pulling names out of a hat and reading them..."

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