7 Lottery Number Picking Gadgets That Will Send You Broke Faster Than The Casinos

Robots discuss winning the lottery in this clever tv commercial by Denver agency Cactus + SPILLT.

Here's a selection of funny lottery game number pickers that is hard to believe will work. But some people buy them - even praise them. Don’t get fooled, they are just toys, not serious lottery number selectors.

The Bio-Pick claims to use your body energy, like using Lie Detector technology, to help pick your numbers.

The speaking sultan of lottery picks moves his animatronic mouth and tells you the numbers for Mega Millions, Powerball and other Pick games.


Shake the lucky pen and see the numbers fall into the base. You can also use it for the more useful task of writing!


Filling out your tickets is easy, says the makers of this marking pen. But that's all it does.

A miniature lottery barrel will help you choose lucky lottery numbers at random. But it's unlikely they will help you win.


Lottery keychain number picker. The manufacturer says this keychain instantly finds numbers to play in the lottery with the push of a button.  


Play with the professionals! This commercial number picker made in Taiwan will select your numbers for you, at a cost.

Here's a demonstration of the air picker machines in action at the factory.