The Wrong Megabucks Ticket Turns Out To Be The Right Surprise For Astounded Family

The Bennett family gather in the Hillsborough store where they won by the slip of a finger.

Just a slip of a finger on the lottery machine meant that a New Hampshire family got a big surprise for Christmas.

The ticket pumped out was a mistake, but a lucky one - it turned out to give a $2.1 million win to Scott Bennett. 

The slip was easy to make, and it worked out as a windfall for the Bennetts.

An occasional lottery player, Scott stopped at the Circle K on Main Street in Hillsborough on Wednesday, December 19th and asked for one Lucky for Life ticket and one Tri-State Megabucks Plus ticket.

The clerk, Nicole Gee, mistakenly sold him two Megabucks tickets.

Nicole Gee says she's pleased for the Bennetts. The store say they will reward her from their commission on the win.

Unbothered by the error, Scott put the tickets in his wallet and left the store.

Wednesday morning, Scott woke to a note on the kitchen table from their 20-year-old son, Trav: 'Check your lottery tickets Dad, a winning ticket was sold in Hillsborough!'

Cathy Bennett talks about her surprise at the win.

After checking their numbers and discovering their good fortune, they happily wrote a note back to their son: 'Trav: Thanks a million!'

Watch the full video of the interview and story by ABC News [VIDEO].