This $5.4 Million Rollover Ends The Drought For The Current New Jersey Pick 6

Sigrid Andreson was part of another Pick 6 win in 2014. Watch the video below.

Some lotteries limit the number of times the jackpot can roll over. Other lotteries have no such limit and will continue to roll over until one lucky player successfully matches all the required numbers to win the jackpot.

This happened when the New Jersey Pick 6 rollover ended this week after nearly three months of rolling over the prize a whopping 23 times. But it's nowhere near the record for long rollovers as you'll read.

A Krauszer's store similar to the one where the winning ticket was sold.

It was worth $5.4 million on Monday, Mar. 24, and was won at Krauszers in the Whiting Shopping Center in Manchester.

Before this draw ended the drought on Monday, no one had hit a Pick 6 jackpot since Dec. 29, 2014 when a 67-year-old Cape May County man won a $9.1 million jackpot.

Another Pick 6 presentation of $21.5 million to the Talerico family in 2012 at the New Jersey Lottery HQ. VIDEO

Pick 6 have a history of long rollovers. The previous one was more than four months long, starting Aug. 25 2014, and rolled over 34 times in the twice-weekly game.

Some of the 17 Endreson family are interviewed about their $20.1 million Pick 6 win.

And earlier in 2014, a run of 52 drawings and six months without a jackpot winner ended when a $20.1 million ticket was sold in Lacey. After tax the lump sum take-home total was $10 million, and it was shared by 17 brothers and sisters of the Endreson family.

ABOUT: The New Jersey Pick 6.

Pick-6 Lotto is drawn on Monday and Thursday evenings. It draws six balls from 1 through 49. Games cost $1 each. The jackpot begins at $2 million (annuitized with a cash option) and increases by at least $200,000 per rollover until there is a 6-of-6 winner.

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