Want A Free Way To Get The Same Buzz As Winning The Lottery?

Winning the lottery is instant happiness, but there may be an alternative without the win.

There's something just as good for you as winning the lottery. It's free and most people enjoy doing it. So while you're waiting to win...

Read celebrity gossip.

Will reading TMZ make you as happy as winning the lottery?

Researchers scanned brains of a group of students while gossip was read and found stories about famous people fired up the brain's pleasure centre. But there's a catch...

Only stories about celebrity's problems stir up that feel-good chemical reaction, says the Daily Mail.

How gossip is created and managed for the celebrity magazines.

Hearing juicy gossip about famous people apparently fires up the brain’s pleasure centre in the same way as eating the finest food or winning the lottery.

And it’s not good news that gives us the biggest buzz. Tales about stars’ troubles are what we crave, with affairs, drink-driving and other misdemeanours stirring up feel-good chemicals in the brain. 

The website that started celebrity gossip from writer Perez Hilton.

Researchers scanned the group of students while a person read out gossip about celebrities, their best friends and a host of movie stars.

Some of the gossip was designed to put the person in a bad light, such as having an affair or walking out on their family.

The most interesting results related to the negative stories about the celebrities. These stirred up dopamine and other feel-good chemicals in the brain’s ‘reward region’.

Guilty pleasure: Tales about stars’ troubles are what we crave.

The scans, carried out at Shenzhen University in China, revealed that the students were particularly tickled by tales of stars’ misfortune, with a celebrity scandal exciting the brain more than news of a friend in trouble.

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