Why I Downgraded The New Jersey Pick 6 Game To A 2-Star Rating

One of the biggest Pick 6 jackpots won in 2012, for $21.5 million It was the fifth-largest in the game's history up till then.

I've been watching New Jersey Pick 6 for a while, and one thing bothers me. The rollover rate.

Rollover is when no one wins a draw and the jackpot amount is rolled into the next game. Turns out the New Jersey game has had a high number of rollovers between wins, and I've had to downgrade its LottoPredict Star Rating.

  • It has recently rolled over 23 times finishing in March 2015.
  • The last rollover started August 2014 and ended 34 games later.
  • In early 2014 again it rolled over 52 times.

Star Rating is an Odds Score - the essential part of LottoPredict that tells you the best game to play.

It works by taking the number of balls and game numbers and rating them from 1 star (low) and 3 star (high). You should always strive to play the 3-star games because of these advantages:

  • They often have lower cost tickets, but also lower jackpot prizes. However the winning odds are higher with LottoPredict which makes them a better deal.
  • The odds of winning are very high because of the low numbers involved. This is the best way to play with the Silver Lotto System because easy games are the best opportunity for faster prizes more often.
  • Fewer players choose the 2 or 3-star games which means less chance of shared prizes. This is important when it means the difference between $10 million for yourself, or only $1 million because it's shared between 10 other winners.

Rollover is one of the many factors in deciding the star rating. It plays only a small part in selecting the rating for each game, mainly because rollover isn't high enough to affect the overall outcome.

However the New Jersey Pick 6 seems to have a long history of low win rates. Even with its high ratings that formerly gave the 6/49 game a 3-star rating, the win rate meant I had to downgrade it to a 2 star.

To get the most out of the new rating I recommend you only use this game with PRO Custom Profiles. PRO turns ALL ratings into 3-star bets, so there's no more worry about ratings.

WATCH: The $21.5 million Pick 6 game presentation.

ABOUT: Remember that a Star Rating is not a measure of the jackpot prize amount. It shows the lowest and highest odds games when played with the Silver Lotto System and LottoPredict.