RICH IS... Stepping Into This $15 Million Luxury Stateroom In The Sky


If you woke up for the first time in this luxurious stateroom, you'd be forgiven for wondering where you actually are. On the sea? In a high-rise apartment? No, you're actually in...

...a limo of the sky - the world's most sophisticated helicopter, the Bell 525 Relentless.

The 20-seater - which looks as if Ironman Tony Stack or James Bond would willingly use it - will cruise using fly-by-wire technology at 178mph and fly 925 kms (575 miles) without refueling.

You can choose the seating configuration in the 88-sq-ft cabin. It can take 16 to 20 passengers with two flight crew.

The Relentless is also the first commercial craft if its kind to include the Garmin G5000H, a glass touchscreen avionics suite for the flight deck that replaces knobs and switches, rebranded as the ARC Horizon system.