This 60-Year-Old Lottery Winner Did Something To His 50-Foot Swimming Pool That Astounded His Neighbors

The lavish 6 bedroom home bought by winner Roy Gibney that featured a very unique pool.

Lottery millionaire Roy Gibney has spoken about his 1998 win for the first time in years, and revealed something unique about his swimming pool.

On the eve of the UK National Lottery's 20th anniversary in 2014, the 60-year-old, who won £7,500,000, told the Grimsby Telegraph: "When I won I enjoyed all the luxuries you would expect."

Roy Gibney lived the life of a lottery winner for many years.

"I gave up work for 14 years, but I got bored. I started a sheet metal business, and some nights I worked from 7 in the evening until 7 in the morning, and I'm fitter and happier than I've been for years."

The £7.5 million winner gets a kiss from his daughters Lucy, left, and Laura after scooping the UK National Lottery jackpot. Photo: Grimbsy Telegraph

"I'm renovating the house too, and one day my son Louis, 7, will own it and say, my Dad did all this."

The home, which cost him £375,000, was famously decorated with his lottery ticket details on the bottom of his 50-foot swimming pool.


Never forget the numbers: Roy takes a swim in his unique pool showing the numbers which won him the jackpot.

He now lives in a villa in Cyprus with his wife and child much of the year, spending some time in Britain.

Roy Gibney enjoys life in Cyprus. Photo: Phil Spencer.

He views his life as full of opportunities he would not otherwise have had.

“Me, my wife and son flew to New York a couple of days before Christmas,” he said in 2010. “We couldn't have done that normally.

"I only own one car," he said. "You can only drive one at a time, so there's no point in owning ten."


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