Just Enjoy Watching These Lotto 649 Winners Talk About Their New Lives

It's been almost 7 years since these 25 employees of Bray's GM dealership in Sundridge Ontario split a $22.5 Million Lotto 649 ticket.

During the day of the win staff - despite the excitement - still managed to sell 5 cars.

"It's a great moment. I can't think of anything right now." said owner Pete Bray at the time, over the cheers of boisterous employees celebrating in the sales room.

The jackpot was actually $45,145,712 prize - the second largest ever offered in Canada - and was split between two winning tickets. The other winning ticket was purchased in Quebec.

"The employees at Bray Motors have bought a single lottery ticket almost every week," said Bray.

Maurice Sutton said he was able to buy the car of his childhood dreams.

It turned out to be a good investment for the small dealership. Each employee walked away with $900,000 each after the draw in August 2008.

Watch the video: Pawel Dwulit, story by Isabel Teotonio.

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