Saddle Up Pardner - The Wyoming Cowboy Draw Makes Lottery Jackpot History

Players line up to buy tickets for the Wyoming Lottery draws.

It was such a special event that the Wyoming Lottery made a billboard-style notice for the first Cowboy Draw jackpot win.

The poster for the first winner of the Wyoming Lottery's Cowboy Draw.

 The new Cowboy Draw rode into town and selected a Douglas player to give $628,000 - a history-making jackpot winner according to the organisation.

The Maverick store where the Cowboy Draw ticket was sold.

The lucky winner bought their ticket at the aptly-named Maverick gas station at 1108 W Yellowstone Hwy Douglas, on April 16.

"Our goal with Cowboy Draw game is to increase the fun and winnings for WyoLotto players," said Jon Clontz, CEO of the Wyoming Lottery Corporation.

Jon Clontz, CEO of the Wyoming Lottery Corporation announcing the Cowboy Draw.

“We did increase the payout percent giving our Wyoming players more chances to win. Our overall odds on this game are very low at 1:6 which makes it an easier game to win. We expect to see the number of jackpot winners continue to grow.”

Cowboy Draw is Wyoming’s new in-state lottery game, and kicked off in true Western spirit with a special $10,000 giveaway contest offering fans the chance to win a horse.

Beth Staffeld was one of 10 winners for a horse in the pre-Cowboy Draw giveaway.

A promotional video for the Cowboy Draw.

ABOUT: An additional 11 WyoLotto players won a $1,000 each in the April 16, 2015 drawing, bringing the total of $1,000 winners to 76. Since the launch of the Wyoming Lottery in August 2014, 329,426 WyoLotto players have won a total of $1,855,575.

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