One Powerful Word That Magically Unlocks Your Whole Lottery Winning Mindset

Want to know why some people give up playing the lottery after a couple of games? And why others play for months - or even years - until they eventually win?

It's because winners have more than just persistence in their nature. And it can be summed up in one word.

In fact, this word drives most people to eventual success. If you have it, you will win out, no matter what game of life you play.

That word is passion.

And if you're wondering how passion helps you win the lottery, consider this...

Most people give up too soon in everything. As our society gets more focused on instant results, more people are not willing to put in the time needed to be successful at anything.

Maybe you want to win the lottery quickly like our $22.2 million winner.

This is our largest winner so far, and he only took a few months to win after using the System.

For others it may take a little longer, even with my System. But it's well proven that the more and longer you play, the better your winning chances.

But here's where it gets interesting...

To avoid giving up before you hit the jackpot, you need a passion. Not a passion for winning - but for something you can do with your money.

It may be buying an island, but it's more likely to be a hobby.

I love exotic sportscars. If you read through this blog you'll see I write a lot about my vehicles, and it is because I'm passionate about them.

This Aston Martin Vantage roadster is my latest buy and passion.

That same passion drives me to continue buying tickets long after many others have given up. And it has brought me incredible wins and success.

My passion keeps me going when times are tough, because when a game doesn't produce for me, there's always another one around the next corner. So I keep going.

What can you do to ignite your passion? And how can you use it to keep playing until your winning times?

Concentrate on what you'll buy with your winnings. Then always kept the goal in sight. Daily, in fact.

I kept a model of an Aston Martin on my desk for months while I searched for the right car.

To buy my latest car I put it on my To Do list, and each day I made a point of checking off doing something towards it.

I would look through the Aston Martin websites, read the forums, catch up with news and announcements. In other words I immersed myself in the goal totally for 5-10 minutes a day.

And so within 24 hours of spying the car arriving in the dealer's showroom, I had done a test drive and bought it - ahead of the crowd as it turned out. It was a popular model in short supply.

What I did was no different to the same way you can succeed in the lottery.

By playing regularly and always keeping your goal constantly in front of you, you will accomplish whatever you want.

Persistence paid off for Diane and Kerry Carmichael as they grabbed a second million-dollar jackpot in less than 20 years. 

It seems a strange concept for what is essentially a game of chance, but the same principles apply in almost everything you do. Because when you have a strong goal, everything changes to accommodate it.

You'll find that you play more, and win more as a result.

You need to follow certain rules, of course. It's not enough just to play with one ticket every month and hope for the best.

And you need the Silver Lotto system - that goes without saying - with preferably PRO as well, and persistence.

Then, when you have your passion firing, the results can be remarkable.

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