Lottery Black Box Scam Turns Into Something Bigger Outside A Florida Bank

A lottery money scare started a hazmat alert outside the Florida bank.

It started when a Florida man told police he had a black box full of lottery money in the boot of his car.

The older man went into the Bank of America near Cape Coral Parkway and Pelican Boulevard around 1pm on April 15, and told tellers he had a black box in his car.

The Bank of America where the lottery black box was found.

The man told police he got that box from Miami after talking with two men who told him he won the lottery.

He said he believed there was money inside the box, but was told by the men there was poisonous black powder in there as well.

The black box sits outside the SUV while the fire department works on finding out its contents.

The fire department responded and brought hazmat and the bomb squad. They quickly determined there was nothing dangerous about the package.

Andrea Schuch with the Cape Coral Fire Department talks about what they found in the box.

“There were cotton balls inside, some black paper material, maybe the size of a bill,” said Andrea Schuch with the Cape Coral Fire Department, “but there was white powder inside.”

Authorities say the man first reported the possible scam about a month ago, but police were unaware he kept in touch with the men.

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