I Threw Away All My Expensive Parking Devices And This Is What I Got For Free

I only have one car parked in my garage now, my Aston Martin. The SUV sits outside. I want to admire the lines of this sleek sportscar without anything else to mess it up.

But I had a problem. I couldn't park it neatly in the same place each time. Too far in and I couldn't see the grill.

Too far back and the door might close (expensively) on the rear. The park assist alarm wasn't accurate enough to do the job either.

Over the years I had experimented with every parking device worth trying.

There was the parking mat stopper. I drilled holes in the concrete to fix this to the floor, but when I changed cars, the different sizes made it useless.

Then the tennis ball from the ceiling. Apart from looking messy and amateurish, our place on top of a hill is windy. It blew the ball about when the door was open. Another idea wasted.

Here's a laser parking idea I haven't tried. Too technical. And what if you wanted to check it was working and it pointed into your eyes?

So I asked a garage forum how to solve the problem without fancy gadgets, and the best idea was simple and accurate.

Here's what they said...

You just line up a part of your car with a part of your garage. That's it!

I lined up the roof edge with a window edge, and bingo - I was parked perfectly within an inch or so each time.

My perfect parking solution was solved after a LOT of testing other methods that didn't work.

The reason the parking problem became such a big issue is because I'm always looking for ways to make my System better.

I've been tweaking it for years.

But like the simple parking solution here, I can't improve on it. Sure, there are some small changes I've made along the way, but it works as good as when I first invented it in 1991. Better, in fact.

What I'm saying is this: once you've found what works, don't change it.

  • If you use the first 20 lines of your PRO Profile, keep using only those ones for every game.
  • If you play once a week, don't think that spreading your money over three times a week will help. It won't.
  • Once you find the perfect game with the Star Rating on your LottoPredict chart, don't change it.

As always in life, a great System will get you parked where you want, every time!

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