Winner Wastes 11 Years Before Finally Claiming This $12.2 Million Prize. He Could Have Won Sooner

Philip Dunning played the same numbers for 11 years before he won $12.2 million and was able to sit in this now-affordable Aston Martin Vanquish. PHOTO: Daily Mail

Philip Dunning, 44, and his partner Gina Meikle said they are in a complete state of shock after winning the fortune from their £2 ticket.

Philip Dunning celebrates in racing car driver style. PHOTO: Scottish Express

The couple, from Bo’ness, West Lothian in Scotland, have already handed in their resignations to the food firm where they both worked, after scooping £7,864,529, reported The Express.

But 11 years is a long time. Philip could have won faster with these 7 tips designed to make every player a winner:

1) Avoid games with a large number of balls and numbers. The Malta Lotto has 90 numbers for example, so if you happen to live there - try something easier! The odds are really too high.

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3) Don't worry if your country doesn't feature much. Wondered why I have so many more testimonials from one particular country than another? That's because the most popular buyers of my system are from Canada, America, UK and Australia. Don't use those country's high success rate as an excuse not to try in your place... players do win in every country.

4) Use real money to test the system. You'll regret it if you win only on paper. Every few weeks I have someone write me to say they forgot to play, or were prevented from playing - only to miss a huge prize.

5) Lump your play! Set yourself goals with your time and ticket money, then put it all together in one game. You'll get better results playing all your investment in one game than trying to stretch your funds out thinly over a dozen games.

6) Don't worry about losses. We Silverites (buyers of my systems) don't like the L word. But you need to consider them an essential entry fee and money well spent. Believe me, you'll never regret it when your $20 becomes $20 million. 

7) Play less with more. If you are stretched on funds, play less often and use more Profile lines. Most players wrongly do this the other way round.

Speed up your win - don't wait 11 years for a payoff! PHOTO: Daily Mail

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