CHARMED: Shiny Penny Made Lottery Winner Pick Up $2.6 Million

It was the shiny penny he found on the street that caused Sean Lloyd to go and buy a lottery ticket. 

Sean and Mel Llyod with the £1.8 million lucky penny.

Sean Lloyd picked up a shiny penny outside a shop in Oldham before heading in to buy a lottery ticket recently.

The 48-year-old used his newly-found penny to scratch his card, not realising at the time that he had just won the jackpot.

Sean said: "I thought - this is my lucky day – I am going to buy a lottery ticket."

"I bought my ticket and actually rubbed the penny on the ticket – just to bring me some extra luck."

The Manchester United fan handed his notice in at work the next day, and said he is now ‘looking forward to a wonderful life’. Photo: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

Sean now says he has already brought his ticket for next week, and even found a 10p coin on the floor outside the same shop when he went in to play.

He quipped to Metro: "I am now convinced I am going to win again. If a shiny penny can bring me luck, a shiny 10p piece can too."


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