7 Big Screen Movies That Feature Playing And Winning The Lottery

"It Could Happen To You"

Nicholas Cage and Bridget Fonda star in this enchanting comedy from the 1980s. A young coffee shop waitress gets the surprise of her life when she is promised half the lottery winnings on an unplayed lottery ticket when a customer comes up short. Expect the unexpected here. Screen Junkies


"The Lottery" 

Keri Russell, who rose to fame as the leading lady of "Felicity," stars in this eerie drama from 1996. When a man goes to a small town, he is a bit shocked to find clues in the local cemetery that indicate a horrible mystery. Things get really strange from there for this town that holds an unusual lottery each year. Screen Junkies


"Finder's Fee" 

This is a stirring and suspenseful drama that follows the adventures of a young man who finds a wallet with a winning lottery ticket inside. The decisions he then makes can either make or break the rest of his life. Screen Junkies


"Lottery Ticket" 

This comedy from 2010 follows the story of what happens when a young man has the winning lottery ticket. All is not bliss in the aftermath, and much chaos ensues. While the story itself is interesting, some of the comedic lines are shallow and offensive. It has received mixed reviews, but some fans swear by its brand of comedy. Screen Junkies


"All About The Benjamins" 

When a $60 million dollar lottery ticket is left behind by a group of thieves, things get really dangerous. This action-comedy provides a unique take on money and the sometimes seemingly unconscious decision to live a life of crime. Screen Junkies


"How Much Do You Love Me?" 

A clerk wins the lottery, and his life is forever changed. His eccentric decisions on what he wants to do with his life after winning the lottery set this drama apart from the rest. Screen Junkies


"The Lottery" 

This documentary from 2010 offers a very eye-opening look at the process and odds of a unique lottery. In this real-life scenario, the prize of the lottery is a chance at a decent education that will change the lives of these young people. Screen Junkies


"The Brady Bunch in The White House" 

Shelley Long and several members of the hilarious "The Brady Bunch Movie" cast reprise their roles in this second sequel to the original film spoofof the 1970slovable sitcom family. Mike Brady finds and, being an honest Brady, returns a lottery ticket worth multi-millions. It's then that the real adventure begins. Screen Junkies

"The Lottery Bride" 

Here's a classic feature film from 1930. Even though it was made close to a century ago, many aspects of this comedy are universal. While some things seem sexist and worlds away, you'll find yourself relating to some of the realities of life in this comedy about a wife lottery. Screen Junkies

SOURCE: Robin Raven, Screen Junkies

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