Flip A Coin To Win The Lottery? Meet The Moving Target Theory

In this video a coin was tossed to determine an election seat on a local county. But what would happen if it was tossed 100 times? The Cincinnati Enquirer

The scientist flipped the coin. With a pleasant tinkle it dropped on the table, and he peered at it. Heads again.

It was the final test - the 100th time he had flipped the coin, and he marked the score off on the sheet of paper.

He added up the score: 51 heads, 49 tails. That was good. Maybe he had the basis of a lottery system going on.

But he didn't.

Minnesota Secretary of State Joan Growe decided a tie vote in a mayoral race. Imagine if your lottery win depended on a coin toss like this.

Know why other lottery winning systems don't work even when the odds say they will? It's about what I call the Moving Target Theory. Here's what happens...

Most other systems tell you that number selections have a history. They say that numbers will behave in a rational way, and sometimes they describe them as hot or cold numbers. (They're wrong, I'll tell you differently - just keep reading).

Some systems just plain don't work!

For example, toss a coin, and it's proven that after a certain number of throws, heads or tails will fall equally. So at some point in the hundreds of coin tosses, you will be able to step in and make a prediction on the next toss.

And maybe you will get it right. Can't be that hard with only two options... heads or tails, can it?

But the confusion starts when you add more coins. If you had 6 coins, it becomes almost impossible to estimate when all these coins will land... heads up, or tails up.

The result is a moving target just like the 6 or 7 numbers in lotto. All the winning numbers WILL appear in time. But you don't know when. And no-one has ever been able to predict when any set of numbers fall into a winning sequence.

Let me prove it with a simple question to you...

Do you know of ANY 6 ball lottery game in the world that has ever come up with the jackpot winning numbers of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 in sequence?

No, it hasn't to my knowledge. And it's the reason why no other systems work. Hot and cold numbers are just marketing bunkum.

Why does my proven 23 year-old system work so well then? First, let me emphasize something:

DISCLAIMER: I NEVER say my system predicts winning numbers. You know how hard it is to predict anything, even the weather!

What my system does is remove the number combinations less likely to win. That leaves a small selection of maybe 1-2% of winning numbers that we can choose from to improve our chances.

You still have to match the numbers to win, but your task is made much simpler with my System.

That is the best part - it's easy. And some players get results immediately... others take a little longer.

TIP: To get the best results from my system, stick to one game only. Every day I see people ordering multiple games from my PRO System. While this is great for my profits, it won't help them get a jackpot any faster.

They need to put all their resources into a single game and stick to it. They should concentrate on the one game in their area that has the lowest amount of balls and numbers for the best result.

If you play as I recommend, you'll get winning faster. For example, using my own system I win 99 times out of every 100 games. And since I know I'm going to win most games, all I wait for is the amount.

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