The 7 Strangest Lottery Objects You Might Never Buy. $120 For A T-Shirt?

Everyone will want this fashionable Mexican Lottery patterned angled end rockabilly bandana, surely. Etsy.

You can also get a pillow with the Mexican Lottery pattern. Sabbies Purses


Flyer for the Havana Lottery of Kentucky. Because of the paper these were printed on, very few have survived. On sale for around $340. Etsy


Oregon Lottery Roman dial men's promotional watch. Etsy


China advertising/souvenir thimble for the National Lottery. The inside is marked 'fine bone china, made in England.' Etsy


Vintage 1980s Michigan State Lottery t-shirt made by Screen Stars. It is being offered for around $120. Etsy


Advertising ceramic ashtray for French national lottery, vintage 1950/1960. Etsy