You'll Never Figure Where Desperate $1M Winner Hid His Mega Millions Ticket

Fred Morgan was worried about his ticket getting stolen, so he hid it until he could present it.

A former postal worker became so concerned about collecting his Mega Millions win that he went to extreme lengths to hide his ticket while he waited to cash it in.

It started when Fred Morgan checked his Michigan Lottery Mega Millions ticket the day after the drawing, and it wouldn’t scan in the self-scanner.

Fred's winning ticket matched the first five winning numbers – 15-18-29-41-50

“I asked the clerk to check it for me and he said ‘it looks like you’ve got something here, you’d better sign it," said a flabbergasted Morgan.

Fred bought his winning ticket at the Mobil gas station located at 25828 Ford Road in Dearborn Heights.

"I left thinking I’d won $10,000 and called my wife on my way home to share the good news. I looked at the prize table when I got home and I was speechless."

Morgan was in shock and couldn’t believe he was a millionaire.

“I felt full all over and couldn’t eat or sleep for three days,” he said.

Morgan and his wife hid the winning ticket in various spots around their home while they put together a financial plan before claiming the prize.

It ended up in the flour jar.

“We watched that ticket carefully,” said Morgan. “We thought somebody may look in the sugar jar, but no one would ever check for anything valuable in the flour."

A letter carrier for the U.S. Postal Service for 31 years, Morgan’s big win has accelerated his retirement plans.

“I started cleaning out my locker at work and my boss asked me what was going on,” said Morgan. “I told him ‘I got a million and I’m retiring!’

“At first, he and my co-workers thought I was joking, but they couldn’t be happier about my good fortune.”

After retirement, Morgan and his wife plan to travel and enjoy life.

“I can’t even really put into words how this feels, but I do know I feel relieved and excited!”

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