Up, Up And Away In The Missouri Lottery Balloon... The Sky's The Limit [Video]

The Missouri Lottery have sponsored a hot air balloon since 1992. This one is brand new.

The Missouri Lottery hot air balloon has made hundreds of appearances across Missouri, and last summer a new balloon flew the skies.

The new balloon on the right is not only a different brand, it has a new logo and an updated design.

The balloon is made by Lindstrand in the USA, and is piloted by Flyin' Jim Wolters who says, "It's a really nice balloon to fly, and colorful too."

The build took 6 weeks and 280 hours of work to finish the balloon by the Lindstrand factory, under the supervision of Baxter, the company cat.

Weather conditions and wind strength are the main concern for flying. Flight plans can often be cancelled at the last minute.

Pilot Jim Wolters says they have landed the balloon in some strange places, like this park. He has also landed in a golf course, close to the zoo and across a river in the cornfields.

The experience of ballooning is really hard to explain unless you've done it, says Jim Wolters. "Flying just above the treetops you can hear dogs barking and people talking."

Pilot Jim Wolthers prepares the Missouri Lottery balloon for another flight.

If you're in any of these areas, the Missouri Lottery welcomes you to drop in and see the balloon for yourself.

Watch this video of the Missouri Lottery balloon showing its progress from building through to flight. VIDEO

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